Heritage promotion activities

The Dacian heritage in the Orastie Mountains area has been and still is insufficiently promoted considering its historical importance. Although most Dacian fortresses are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, they lack even minimal means of information for visitors. There are no monographs or other works aimed at the public, signage is almost non-existent, and there is no possibility of authorized guidance.

Dacica Foundation aims to compensate for these gaps through punctual programs and periodic events aimed at audiences of all ages so that those interested can benefit from accurate scientific information allowing them to understand the importance of these sites.

The main activities carried out in this regard by Dacica Foundation are:

  • organizing cultural and educational programmes on the Dacian heritage in the Șureanu Mountains, aimed at tourists and the local community and organized in partnership with Dacica Guesthouse (Piatra Roșie Dacian Fortress Day, UNESCO Monuments Day, International Day For Monuments and Sites , thematic mini-conferences, specialized guidance)
  • conducting educational activities with children from nearby schools
  • creating and updating the website dedicated to the Piatra Rosie Dacian Fortress, www.piatra-rosie.ro
  • facilitating the access to Piatra Rosie fortress by constructing a bridge over the Alunului Valley and signaling the tourist trail from the Alunului Valley to the fortress.
  • creating information boards, brochures, and leaflets for the promotion of the UNESCO site “Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștie Mountains”


Activities for children

Cultural tourism

Information and signaling