Dacica Foundation

Dacica Foundation was established in 2009 in the village of Alun-Boșorod, Hunedoara county, Romania. Its main purpose is the research, protection and promotion of the ancestral values of the Romanian civilization, with a special focus on the heritage of the Dacian era.

The objectives of the foundation

The objectives that the Foundation has set for achieving its purpose are:


  • carrying out research projects in the field of ancient history, archeology and related branches;
  • organizing micro-academic programs in the field of ancient history and archaeology, dedicated to students and young researchers;
  • organizing national and international scientific and cultural events;
  • onducting promotion/information activities in the field of archaeological heritage;
  • organizing ethnographic research activities and promoting local traditions;
  • organizing civic activities such as camps, environmental actions, information campaigns, exhibitions, and shows;
  • conducting journalistic and editorial activities;
  • organizing various activities: socio-cultural, nature awareness and protection, tourism, and sports;
  • granting scholarships, awards, and distinctions;
  • attracting and using, in accordance with the law, funding resources, in the form of donations, sponsorships, subsidies, subscriptions, dues, contributions, etc.
  • conducting productive activities in order to cover the expenses required to achieve the Foundation’s goal;
  • commercializing informative materials, including through its own sales points;
  • promoting collaboration with various organizations and institutions interested in the Foundation’s goal.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Foundation has established the Study Centre of Dacica Foundation, which brings together all scientific activities carried out under the Foundation’s auspices and financed by it. Additionally, Dacica Guesthouse has been established, whose goal is to manage a part of the Foundation’s real estate, carry out cultural tourism activities, and provide material support for the Center’s research programs. The editorial projects of Dacica Foundation are carried out in partnership with Dacica Publishing House. Both the Study Centre, the Guesthouse and Publishing House are based in Dacica Campus, which is a part of the real estate property of Dacica Foundation.

Who we are

Dan Romalo

Founding sponsor

Born 1923, Sinaia. Engineer, physicist, ancient history and numismatic enthusiast. Lover of the Dacian civilization, which he has passionately researched in recent decades. After the Second World War, he saved, through photography, the images of many of the famous lead plates with inscriptions and images related to the Dacian civilization, which he then attempted to decipher.

Author of the book “Cronică getă apocrifă pe plăci de plumb? ” [Apocryphal Getae Chronicle on Lead Plates?], the volume of autobiographical essays “Cioburi și așchii” [Shards and chips], the short story “Marea poveste a lui Iuțius” [The great story of Iutius] and editor of the “War Notebooks” of his father, Grigore Romalo.

Dr. Aurora Pețan


Born 1974, Reghin. A graduate in classical linguistics, with a Ph.D. in Philology (2006) and History (2017).

Researcher at the Study Centre of Dacica Foundation and at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research of Mobile and Immovable Archaeological Heritage “ArheoTim” within the West University of Timișoara. Interest areas include the history, language, and civilization of the Dacians, as well as the cultural heritage of the Dacian era. Active in editorial and journalistic work.
Author of the book “Sarmizegetusa Regia – Rediscovering the Fortress” and other studies related to the area of the capital of the Dacian Kingdom. Awarded the prize of the Romanian Academy (2006).
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Arch. Marian ”Norman” Coman


Born 1965, Bacău. Architect, designer, graphic artist. Graduate of the "Ion Mincu" Institute of Architecture (1990). Active in architectural design, interior design, graphics, and art education. Manager of Dacica Guesthouse and author of the design concept for the Dacica Campus. Initiator of heritage education and art education programs for children in the surrounding villages, as well as cultural tourism programs developed by Dacica Guesthouse and Dacica Foundation.

Accad. Valeria Guțu-Romalo


Born 1928, Chișinău. Linguist, with fundamental contributions to the syntax and morphology of the Romanian language. She is among the first to introduce the structuralist approach in Romanian linguistics. Author of several specialized volumes and studies, as well as books intended for the general public, such as "Correctness and error" or "Aspects of the evolution of the Romanian language". She was awarded the Prize of the Romanian Academy in 1980 and became an Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy in 2006.